Premium Baccarat

Premium Baccarat


Premium Baccarat is a regular Baccarat game with additional features: the DRAGON JACKPOT and SQUEEZE FEATURE with an exclusive scorecard history.

Грати безкоштовно у Premium Baccarat
Premium Baccarat demo СПРОБУЙ ДЕМО
Інформація про гру
Назва: Premium Baccarat
Розробник: PlayTech
Вид гри: Настільні ігри
Надійні казино для гри у Premium Baccarat на реальні гроші
Бери участь у турнірах та вигравай до 25 000 грн щотижня!

560% бонусів сумарно за реєстрацію

Вітальний пакет! 777% + 777 FS (*377 FS без депозиту)

Вітальний пакет 150 000 ₴ + 550 FS
Бонус "Почни з Плюса" - 100 000 грн і 390 ФС
Бонус до 10 000 ₴ + 300 фріспінів
Бонус 10% на всі депозити
Отримуй до 250 000 бонуса + 600 фріспінів!
Отримай бонус 100% за перші 6 депозитів та фріспіни без вейджеру


  • Premium Baccarat is opened by selecting your table limits. Next, click Join and you can start the game.
  • Once the table limits have been chosen, the paytable displays the main features: the Dragon Jackpot feature and the Squeeze feature.
  • To select a chip, click on it.
  • To place your bet, click on the PLAYER or BANKER areas of the table. Each click increases your bet by the amount of the chosen chip. If you want to increase your bet by another amount, select another chip. Multiple chips can be placed in the same area at once.
  • Premium Baccarat also offers side bets. To place your bet, click on the PLAYER PAC, BANKER PAC, PERFECT AIR, PERFECT PHAIR, EITHER PHAIR, BIG, SMALL, or one of the Egalite Additional side bet areas. Below is a description of each side wager.
  • Your bet limits will determine the minimum and maximum limits of each bet position. To see your bet limits, open the paytable in the menu.
  • After you have placed your wagers, click on the DEAL link. The game ends when the cards are dealt to the banker and player according to Baccarat rules.
  • You can play again by placing your bets in the same way as before and clicking DEAL. To place the same wagers as the previous round, click REBET or REBET&DEAL to play again.
  • Click on any scorecard and choose the one you want to display. The scorecard’s history will be increased or decreased in size. Its name will appear at the bottom-right corner. This behavior is different between Desktop and Mobile. Old results are replaced with new ones. When the history is full, you cannot scroll back through it. The HISTORY button is located at the bottom of your screen. It displays 5 rows of scorecards.